This is Our Story

Bringing Young Living essential oils into our home has been a lifestyle game changer.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you know that essential oils are the biggest craze in the health and nutrition market today.  They “awe” me on a daily basis with their abilities to “support” our bodies  physically, emotionally and spiritually in staying ABOVE the wellness level. They are like a genie in a bottle!!!

While I can’t diagnose or cure anything that you have now or have had in the past – I simply want to enlighten you  and teach you WHY essential oils are so effective.

(P.S. I’m specifically talking about Young Living essential oils (EO)  in my comments, as they are the highest grade EO on the market and are able to be used in many ways, not JUST aromatically.)


And now for my TOP reasons for using essential oils ..


  • TOPICAL application requires a drop or two of your oil choice, directly applied to the skin to help with body functions.
  • INTERNAL usage can be obtained by either adding oils to your favorite drink (glass containers only)or through ingestion by capsules.
  • AROMATICALLY means just that – smelling it straight from the bottle or through the use of a room diffuser.  This method has HUGE therapeutic neurological benefits.

The fatty layers of our skin PULL the oils straight into our bloodstream and zoom them off into our blood vessels and into our systems so that we can start enjoying the wellness powers they possess.

Say what ???  Google this magnificent protective layer to understand how it protects your body from negative things – like toxins, metals, lead and aluminum.  But on the good side, on the beneficial side, on the functional side, EO’s can penetrate the barrier to get deep inside our nervous system to work their magic.

We have 100 trillion cells in our body.
Every cell in your body, every single living thing, has a vibrational frequency.  When we consume things that have frequency (such as plants which are living things) we can increase our body’s frequency which will increase our health.

  • Healthy human body frequency : 62 MHz
  • Illness starts at 57 MHz
  • Our bodies are receptive to cancer at 42 MHz
  • Death begins at 25 MHz

Raw, real food (things that are alive) are the only foods that will raise your frequency.  Yay for juicing!
EO’s have frequencies as well, as they are derived from plants from the earth and can raise our frequencies as well.

  • Negative thoughts decrease our frequency by up to 12 MHz
  • Positive thoughts can increase our frequency by 10 MHz
  • Prayer and meditation increase our frequency by 15 MHz

How awesome is this???

Because of each oil’s specific frequency, they can do different things for different people in different ways.  What’s good for me might not benefit you in the same way.  We are our own individual and oils are very individualistic in that way too!!

This is the part that blows my mind the most and is the REASON HOW OILS WORK.  Your nerves and the receptors at the end of the nerves, work just like a car battery.  Bad connection and things don’t fire correctly – say what?  Normal life and normal daily function corrode those nerve endings and eventually make your body start misfiring and illnesses set in.   The connection (aka receptor) needs cleaning off – enter ESSENTIAL OILS!!!   We were born to function on ALL cylinders and live above the wellness line.

AND LASTLY … Essential oils from Young Living are completely safe to use by EVERYONE in your family, including your fur babies.  Safety matters as does the PURITY of your oils.